Larry Elder

About the Show:

Broadcasting Monday through Friday 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM

For nearly 20 years, “The Sage from South Central” aired his afternoon drive radio program on KABC in Los Angeles. He was previously syndicated nationally on the ABC Radio Network from 2002 to 2007. In 2016 Larry moved to Salem’s AM 870 The Answer in Los Angeles, where his new program will moved into the 6-9pm PT slot in Los Angeles.  His program is now syndicated by the Salem Radio Network in the 3-6pm ET time slot,  which is 3-6pm Pacific.

Larry says his philosophy is to entertain, inform, provoke and “to hopefully uplift.” His calling card is “we have a country to save,” and to him this means returning to the bedrock Constitutional principles of limited government and maximum personal responsibility. Larry added, “I see the Constitution as a contract that restrains the federal government, leaving everything else to the states and to the people.” As for those who need help, Larry says, “It’s the moral responsibility of the people, not the federal government, to assist. Compassion is our job, not the Feds.”